#88LOVELIFE Vol. 03: Priorities Shows the Mature Side of Diana Rikasari

The duet of Diana Rikasari and Dinda Puspitasari is back with the third volume of #88LOVELIFE: Priorities. The previous two volumes of the book made huge successes both nationally and internationally. More than 100,000 copies of the two books have been sold. 

The books have also been promoted in many international book fairs, including Frankfurt International Book Fair 2015, London Book Fair 2015, Putrajaya International Book Fair 2016 in Malaysia, and Tokyo Art Book Fair 2016. Moreover, #88LOVELIFE was awarded as the Best Non-Fiction Book of 2015 by MPH bookstore in Malaysia, and it has been translated into Vietnamese to satisfy the request from the readers in Vietnam.

Diana admitted that when she and Dinda made the first book, they never planned to make the second book and let alone make it into a trilogy. “It was spontaneous. I thought it would be cute to write a quote book because I’ve always liked to write quotes,” said Diana. And with the help of Dinda, a book containing 88 relatable quotes with eye-catching illustrations was made and became a mega best-seller.


Eventually, Diana realized that the three books represent her life journey. The first volume called “Dreams” was written when Diana was at the stage of pursuing her dreams at most. Meanwhile, the second volume called “Passion” represents the process of redefining passion that Diana went through at the time. Then, this third volume called “Priorities” sums up the previous two books. “I can have big dreams and passion, but eventually they will be limited by life priorities. I am now married and have a son. So, it’s no longer about achieving my own dream but also achieving my husband’s.”

The production process of the book itself was relatively fast. In the beginning, Diana and Dinda agreed that they didn’t want to rush the process due to many things that were going on in their life at the time. “Dinda was getting married and I just found out that I’m pregnant, so we decided to take it slow.” But it turned out that the process was much faster than they expected. The absence of deadline turned out to create Diana’s good mood to write and finished earlier than expected. Meanwhile, Dinda has her own reason to speed up the process. “She was getting married so she wanted to finish all her work before the wedding day,” said Diana. In the end, Dinda only spent three weeks to finish the illustration, which was only 2 days before her wedding day.

For the illustration, Dinda said the third book was quite challenging for her because she doesn’t want it to be similar to the previous two volumes. Moreover, both Dinda and Diana want the book to be more mature. Dinda used their trip to Japan and their experience of visually exploring Japanese design as her inspiration in working on the illustration for the book. As for the cover, the girls decided to choose marbling color pattern as it gives a more mature look and they both just love it.

With the huge success of the other two books, people have a quite high expectation for this volume. In fact, even before the book was officially launched in Jakarta, POP, imprint Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia as the publisher announced that it’s already going through its second printing as there’s a demand in a quite large number from another country.

#88LOVELIFE – Vol. 03: Priorities is now available in Gramedia bookstore and it will also be available in MPH bookstore, Malaysia later this month. 

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