Gulshaan, From Paris to IIF Jakarta

In IIF 2016 event, Gulshaan’s modest fashion that blends Parisian fashion culture with Pakistani traditional embroidery will be an interesting part of the fashion show program.

No less than 12 international designers will be taking part in the IIF Runway 2016. One of them, a brand from France, Gulshaan. This collection was first launched in 2014 by a Paris-born young designer, Imaan M.

 Since her childhood, Imaan has had a passion for fashion. Her grandmother was a well-known fashion house owner in Paris and was a great source of inspiration to her. Imaan herself then became more involved in fashion through her studies in fashion design and modeling. 

Rose Garden! That is the real meaning behind the label Gulshaan. Imaan who has spent a lot of her time in Pakistan, gained a lot of inspirations from natural things, including roses. She then puts it into patterns on a piece of clothing in the form of tunic.

In all her collections, Imaan uses her works as a media to spread messages about culture and history. Through Gulshaan, Imaan combines the traditional Pakisani culture with French fashion with the help of skillful Pakistani artists.


Her naturally-fabricated textiles are presented in the best quality, free of chemicals and hence more comfortable for the skin. Cotton, linen, wool, and silk become a means for her to make many variations of products, ranging from plain tunics, printed tunics, even printed tunics with touches of traditional embroidery.

 If France is a place for her to visualize and create all the different designs for Gulshaan, then Pakistan is a place for her to turn the designs to actual pieces of clothing. In this country, Imaan can empower many women through her work. These women work either in the workshop or even from their own homes.

 In the International Islamic Fair 2016, 8 designs of Gulshaan’s modest fashion will be presented, along with five other international brand names. Those five other brands come from Japan, Dubai, Turkey, and the other two from the United Kingdom. It’s such a rare chance to see a modest fashion parade created by the six outstanding international designers.

 “Indonesian Muslim women should not miss such an amazing opportunity to be able to witness this in the International Islamic Fair 2016. When usually Gulshaan’s and the five other brand names can only be seen through instagram, in IIF 2016 we can witness it live. Their collections will be shown and modeled by high-end models from Jakarta,” stated Magda Safrina, Chairman of IIF 2016.

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