Dressing modestly often comes from faith and respecting religions, but it also means of fashion expression, as Indonesia has been known for its modest culture since decades ago.

Now there are 88.1 million internet users in Indonesia (PUSKAKOM UI 2015), and more than half (51%) are women. And approximately half of that number, is muslimah who wear hijab. And yet, with such extensive trend and escalation of hijabers market in Indonesia, the term 'muslim or modest fashion' has not been earnestly recognized by the fashion world.

Modest Indonesia now here to represent modern muslim fashion and lifestyle in Indonesia, and pairing them with faith. We strive to deliver top notch Indonesia modest fashion scene, as well as modest trend in the world. We aim to support Indonesian designers and brands, and make them closer and accessible to all of our readers. We make modest fashion takes center stage.

We also believe in the potential of the creative and cultural sector, and we recognize its power in our global society. We seek to emphasize the role that art, culture and creativity play in the lives of young people.