#IslamIsPeace to Mark International Hijab Solidarity Day with HIJUP

September 4th is worldly recognized as International Hijab Solidarity Day, following the fact that many muslimah especially in western world often face challenges regarding their hijab. Recent awareness came to the Burkini ban in several territory of France, and the protest to hijab wearing journalist who cover Nice attack, not to mention those assaults some sisters had to encounter these days.

In Jakarta, HIJUP held a gathering with 100 women and hijabers in a morning walk, showing support to all of muslimah around the world, marking 2016 Hijab Solidarity Day. CEO HIJUP Diajeng Lestari, Hanna Faridl, Zaura Models founders Lulu Elhasbu and Ashfi Qamara, Hijaberscomm chairwoman Syifa Fauzia and Sarah Sofyan were among those who attend the walk.

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Muslim women in Indonesia probably owning a privilege of living in such ideal circumstances, as the largest muslim population in the world (alhamdulillah). But for many muslimah in some part of the world, they had to encounter intimidating acts in some extent. This is just an exhibit  that misleading paradigm still embedded in people's mind about Islam, muslims and hijab. Alongside with HIJUP campaign #empowerchange to always be able to support and empowering women, in this event Diajeng Lestari expressed her words, "All Muslim women in the world should naturally be able to realize their rights fully in all activities while donning the hijab. Because hijab itself is the obligation of every Muslim woman and hijab is certainly not a barrier for women to move and work, to actualize their potential, regardless of the background of each woman "

Hashtag #IslamIsPeace also presented during the event to rebuild public awareness of Islam, Muslims, and hijab, that hijab is not a a symbol of oppression or threats. Hijab as expression of faith comes with tolerance  and peace, and definitely do not pose as an exclusivity form.

In this event, each participants also get to speak and write their aspirations through the Wall of Wishes in support all Muslim women in the world, particularly those in France. Face up, head straight, and keep going, sisters!

Modest.id also fully support and actively participate in this Hijab Solidarity Day with a hearthy message ; "Wear it Up, wear it Down, but always wear your hijab, humble and kind".

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