Your Complete Guide to (shop!) Kenzo x H&M Collection!

Another significant collaboration from H&M, means exciting range of collections in front of our eyes. Yap, you know exactly, its Kenzo x H&M!! Who else here can't wait for the release day?

Kenzo's Creative Director, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim unraveled their vision for the collaboration: a collection celebrating the brand’s history by reproducing iconic pieces from the 70s, 80s and 90s, and connecting them to the contemporary street aesthetic that Lim and Leon introduced when taking the helm in 2011. 

“The collection is a giant fusion of archival Kenzo pieces from the 70s and maybe a little bit of the 80s and our own archives at the brand, dating back the last five years,” says Humberto Leon.

As a label, Kenzo is known for its use of prints and colors, and incorporating and mixing cultural influences into its items. In the Kenzo x H&M collection, a lot of items for both men and ladies that draw cultural references from Russia, Japan and elsewhere. 

The connection between Kenzo’s past and present – which was Carol Lim's and Humberto Leon’s vision – is evident throughout the collection. It mixes and merges prints and patterns from the 70s till today, and features several remade replicas of iconic items from the label’s archives. There’s a limited edition maxi-dress that was first seen in Kenzo’s F/W 1982 Russian collection, and tiger-printed leggings and roll-necks in different colors that were important pieces in one of the label’s late-80s campaigns. For this collection, they’ve both been updated in new colors and print combinations. 

The first thing you’ll notice when seeing the whole collection at once are prints. There’s a lot (and we mean a lot) of them. As a matter of fact, H&M has never before made a print-heavier collection than this one. And there’s much more print than meets the eye: several skirts, shirts, blouses, jackets and kimonos are reversible and feature detachable details in other prints. 

It’s not only the prints that tell Kenzo’s story in this collection. Sweatshirts feature the brand’s original tiger logo, pull-chains on zips feature its new tiger head logo and buttons are engraved with Eiffel Towers and Statue of Libertys to celebrate Kenzo’s geographical context.


How to Shop

I still remember the enthusiasm, when people willingly queued in line, (since the  night before!) to get their hands on HM x Balmain. Let me tell you a fact, these HM x Kenzo collection in average will cost you less than that. It's starting from 150 ribu rupiah (an accessories piece) to 5.99 juta rupiah for the ultimate-full pattern dress. See? Btw, I put this patterned tent dress which so versatile, light and flow perfectly with your body to my wishlist, and its 1.99 juta (ohh fingers crossed).

Ok so here it is, the release day is thursday 3 November 2016, and then if you really want to experience this bold collection, read some terms from HM below:


Customers in the queue will be given a coloured bracelet; there are 14 colours with one for each group of 15 customers. Your colour determines when it’s your time to shop in the designer collection area. Each group will have 10 minutes to shop, with 5 minutes between slots. The bracelets are only for customers purchasing the KENZO x H&M collection. 


If you arrive before the store opens, please join the queue and our staff will tell you how the shopping system works. As the designer collections are usually very popular, there are a few things to keep in mind for a great shopping experience.


The collection is NON EXCHANGABLE


The collection will only be available at H&M Grand Indonesia

So, will you also be there on 3rd November at HM Grand Indonesia?

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