From Jeju Island to Indonesia, Welcome Innisfree!

For many beauty enthusiasts in Indonesia, this Korean beauty brand definitely need no introduction. Innisfree has made to the top list of favourite skin care brand, especially for those really keen on Korean skin regime. Indonesian customer used to buy Innisfree products from online stores -offering imported makeup and skin care products- or by purchase order directly from Korea. But now, soon enough, you will be able to experience and buy complete range of those goodness in Innisfree flagship store here in Jakarta! 

This global brand is finally launching in Indonesia. Starting to enter the global market through China since 2012, innisfree has rapidly grown to become the no. 1 natural beauty brand in Asia. Following its successful entry to China, innisfree continuing to open new stores across Asia.  Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and now Indonesia, innisfree is not only offers beauty products that will be beneficial for skin, but also has worked with well-known Korean celebrities such as Yoona (SNSD) and Lee Min Ho to bring the brand closer to customers, including Indonesian customers.

innisfree will officially launched its first store on March 24th 2017 in Central Park Mall, Jakarta and the second store will open in Senayan City, early April 2017. 

Natural Benefits from Jeju

Innisfree means “an island that relaxes the skin.” An island which refers to Jeju -  a volcanic island situated off the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula. It is considered as one of the most pristine locations to visit in Korea – with its fresh air, warm sunlight, healthy soil, and pure water. 

The relationship between innisfree and Jeju started in 1979, when innisfree transformed the rocky wasteland in the island into the pesticide-free green tea farm. This farm is now considered as the top 3 green tea producing location. Using green tea from this organic farm, innisfree produced one of its best seller product, the green tea seed serum

Known as the first 3 second moisturizing serum after face cleansing, the green tea seed serum supplies essential moisture and nutrient into the skin, keeping the skin healthy and moist in a long time. 

The green tea seed serum is not the only best-loved products from innisfree. Super volcanic pore clay mask & Orchid enriched cream are also popular items across market. Super volcanic pore clay mask is a pore treatment clay mask to effectively absorb sebum and cleanse pores, while orchid enriched cream is an anti-aging cream that helps to smooth wrinkles & strengthen the skin. Each of the products is formulated with natural ingredients from Jeju island: Jeju volcanic scoria and Jeju orchid. 

Not only known for its skin care line, innisfree’s makeup line is also famous. One of their unique offering is My Cushion, a best seller cushion which customers can customize on their own, start by choosing the type of cushion base, the type of puffs and the cushion cases.  There are 100 cushion cases available.

Can't wait to try and experience these natural beauties from Jeju? Tune in for Innisfree Store Opening on March 24! 

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