Samar Murad: Blending The Eastern and The Western Trends Into Modest Fashion

International designers today have to make fresh innovation in order to compete in the global market. Samar Murad does it by blending both the Eastern and Western styles into her modest collection. Modest ID talked to Samar Murad about the message behind

Samar Murad: Blending The Eastern and The Western Trends Into Modest Fashion

International Islamic Fair (IIF) 2016 introduced several international rising modest fashion designers. One of the most eye-catching was the collection from Bahrain-based designer, Samar Murad. Murad had her fashion show debut at the Istanbul Modest Fashion Week earlier this year. She distinguished her design with the mainstream modest fashion by bringing more bold colors, more patterns, and unique accessories to her collection. For Murad, rather than following the usual modest design where the women tend to layer up, she tries to offer more trendy models of clothing with different shapes and cuttings. Which make her collection very chic and high-end yet still modest. 

International designers today are trying to get modest fashion more recognition and places in the global market. This is often done by creating designs that aren’t only wearable for the Muslim audience but also for the non-Muslims. Murad has been implementing this idea to her collection. She blends the modest Eastern trend with the Western style, making the collection more attractive to the international market. Murad has been doing it pretty well. This was only her second fashion show ever, and she has received welcoming responses from international media.

Modest ID (MI) had a short conversation with Samar Murad (SM) at the IIF 2016 where she told us about the idea behind the collection and shared her views on the current modest fashion scene.

MI: Where did you get the inspiration for this collection?

SM: It’s basically from my spiritual journey. At the time I had a quest for spiritual enlightenment and I was introduced to Sufism. I read the book "The Forty Rules of Love" by Elif Şafak, and from there I drew my collection. The calligraphy is basically Rumi's poetry printed and the colors I took it from the different Sufi sects, Naqshbandi, and the others. So, that’s where I drew my color palette, and the silhouette is also related to Sufism.

MI: So how do you describe this collection in general?

SM: I love it. I hope everybody else loved it. I’m trying to communicate my message throughout the world and I hope it reaches the audience.

MI: What is the message?

SM: It’s about my story, my spiritual experience. Also, for people to spread love and peace, for people to work on perfecting themselves rather than judging people. So it’s about perfecting yourself and spreading love basically. 

MI: Can you tell me about the current fashion scene at Bahrain? What’s trending?

SM: Well, to be honest with you I haven’t really publicized much in Bahrain. This is my second fashion show, my first one was in Turkey. So I haven’t had any fashion show in Bahrain or in the Gulf yet. I hope I get international recognition and  I hope this collection reaches the world. I try to make it as international as possible. So, it’different, it’s artistic, it’s colorful, it’s joyful. I have different pieces: pieces that are formal, pieces that are almost couture-like, some are very casual. So just to reach the taste of different people.

MI: How do you see Modest fashion scene at the global stage at the moment?

SM: I think we’re getting more recognition. It’s about blending between the East and the West. My collection is very wearable, both for modest and non-modest people. I’m trying to have some pieces that Hijabi girls find difficult to get, they want trendy stuff. So, that was my target. Yet, the non-modest people can still wear it, mix and match them, like take a trouser or short skirts or whatever. I'm doing the opposite way here. We have the modest fashion but it can be worn by the non-modest people as well.

MI: So I can say that your main target is young women?

SM: Yes, it’s between the 20s to 40s.

MI: For the last question, what can we expect for your upcoming show?

SM: It’s gonna be different. What I can say at the moment it will be something different because I work on different themes, I don’t like to stick to one theme. I like to play around with different colors, different medium, different fabrics. So, I don’t know when’s the next collection gonna be because this is my launch collection so it’s gonna be there for a while. Then after that, I hope I’ll do something even better than this.  

This is only Samar Murad’s second fashion show, and she already stood out in the crowd. Follow her instagram @samarmuradcollezione or visit her website at to get the latest look of Samar Murad’s collection.

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