JENAHARA Scarf Celebrates the Diversity of Women’s Characters



JENAHARA Black Label recently released a new line called JENAHARA Scarf. In this new line, the young designer is collaborating with the talented illustrator Katherine Karnadi. Before Jenahara, Katherine Karnadi has worked together with international reputable brands, such as MaxMara and Diane von Furstenberg.

Inspired by women’s diverse characters, Jenahara and Katherine create scarves that represent three kinds of women character. The three characters are Chloe (feminine) whose elegance makes itself  a spotlight, Lennox (bold) which shows independence and strength, and Kira (boyish) that is a little bit careless, has a comfortable feeling, and not easily contested. These three different styles are combined with Jenahara’s typical unique, clean cut, and edgy design

Jenahara realized that women today are feeling more comfortable and confident with their own style and this represents their way of thinking and behaving, especially with the increasing power of social media. This uniqueness is what Jenahara wants to bring up through her work. 

“I want to push women to be themselves, to choose things that fit their principal, and do whatever they want,” said Jenahara. She also explained that these scarves are made not only for fashion but also to make those who wear it feel represented. “Long story short, these scarves are a combination of fashion and the needs as well as the experiences of the wearers,” added the designer whose collection was displayed at this year’s London Fashion Week. On collaborating with Katherine Karnadi, Jenahara said “I’m happy to collaborate with Katherine. We complete each other and Katherine has an incredible skill in representing what I want and what characters I want to create. I hope this collaboration will last.”

JENAHARA Scarf can be worn on various occasions, especially for formal events and parties as its material is quite luxurious. The scarf is made into two versions: the big scarf and the mini scarf, so you can adjust it to your needs. With these two different versions, you can apply it in many ways. You can not only wrap it around your neck, but also use it as a headband, bracelet, or tie it to your bag.

Although JENAHARA Scarf comes with three different personalities, buyers can still own more than one scarves as one’s personality usually doesn’t only consist of one side. The Feminine can be Bold while at work, or the Boyish can be very Feminine while spending time with family.

JENAHARA Scarf is available starts on December 1st, 2016 and can be purchased online @jenaharascarf.