International Islamic Fair 2016: Where The Global Islamic Society Gathered

Thousands of Muslim were gathered at the International Islamic Fair (IIF) 2016. The fair was held from October 20th -23rd 2016 at the Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo), Kemayoran, Jakarta. 

There were five main agendas that were being displayed: Cultural Expo and Performances, Education and Book Fair, Fashion Show and Exhibition, Halal Food and Beverages Exhibition, as well as Umrah, Hajj, and Halal Tourism Expo.

Various industries that are related to Muslim lifestyle were being exhibited at the IIF 2016. Visitors could shop the latest Muslim fashion trend, taste halal foods, get information about Islamic education, and check out some offers on umrah, hajj, and other halal tourism. 

Another important event at the IIF 2016 was its series of fashion show which displayed talented modest fashion designers, both national and international. Among the talented designers are Lily Gunawan (Indonesia), Nina Nugroho (Indonesia), Eja Shahril (Malaysia), Samar Murad (Bahrain), Zamzam Zalila (Germany), Chenille by Afsana (UK/Dubai), and Gulshaan (France).

Not only exhibitions and fashion show, IIF 2016 also presented many inspirational talk shows and seminars about spirituality and Muslim lifestyle. Rania Qureshi, Canada's first Hijabi TV reality star, was one of the special guest speakers at the event. Halal cooking food demos were also shown with the classic Sisca Soewitomo as one of the guest chefs.

Other agendas at the IIF 2016 were including various competitions, such as fashion design competition, creative video competition, a cappella competition, and Saman dance festival.

Regardless the scheduling errors during the event, IIF 2016 successfully gathered Muslims, not only from Indonesia but also abroad, and promoted the importance of global Islamic society. 


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