Nuniek Mawardi & Astri Lestari: A Mix of Asian-European Looks from A Mom-Daughter Collaboration

With 24 looks of the Ready-to-Wear Deluxe collection, the mother and daughter displayed a mix of Asian and European souls in one collection.

Nuniek Mawardi & Astri Lestari: A Mix of Asian-European Looks from A Mom-Daughter Collaboration

Nuniek Mawardi and Astri Lestari worked together for Muslim Fashion Festival (MUFFEST) 2017 (6/4). This collaboration between mother and daughter shows us how a combination of two different styles can create a unique look. 

Astri Lestari put an Asian look to the collection, some of which can be seen on the cuttings and clothing model that look like a Japanese kimono. Meanwhile, Nuniek Mawardi added some European looks by adding details like ribbons that were inspired by the Victorian-era style. This blend of East Asian-European looks is completed by some Indonesian touches. The two designers put Batik Kembang Setaman together with pastel-bold colors. 

This whole combination of three different cultural styles might sound too much and in some people’s imagination, it just won’t work. But Nuniek Mawardi and Astri Lestari successfully pulled this off and created a fresh look of modest fashion. 

Also, this collection involves quite many details. For example, the use of various materials in order to create a layering effect. They also used the technique of manipulating fabric like quilting, pleats, and smock to add unique details to the fabric. In fact, Nuniek Mawardi and Astri Lestari used these techniques as a creative translation of this year’s MUFFEST theme: digitarian. Nuniek Mawardi told that the idea of digitarian came from the Generation Z who is familiar with gadgets and keyboards. Therefore, they came up with the idea to use the smocking technique to create a keyboard-like design.

Talking about their great attention to details, I think it’s important to mention how the shoes were treated as important parts of the whole runway look. While usually, most designers don’t pay too much attention to the shoes, Nuniek Mawardi and Astri Lestari come up with their own shoes designs. They put anyaman Tasikmalaya into mary jane platform wedges and Chelsea boots. 

Even though the two designers put their ideas together into one runway collection, we can still see each of their unique styles and characters. Like the use of handmade techniques is a typical Nuniek Mawardi’s design. Meanwhile, the unique and quirky styling of Astri Lestari is clearly seen with the use of tulle and organza in pastel colors throughout the collection.

Despite the complicated details and several different techniques, Nuniek Mawardi and Astri Lestari manage to make this collection stays classy, soft, modest, and light with no sense of being excessive.